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I had to use my whole damn name almost. I couldn't think of anything else - everything's taken. Lame.

I've created this journal so I can comment on Elaine's stuff without looking like she's a crazy nut talking to herself. And also sometimes I want to talk about my own stuff or inside stuff without bizarring out my friends.

Let's face it, some stuff is just tmi. Some people just want to see what you're up to these days not learn about your whole inner life and all this subjective stuff they may or may not believe. I don't wanna force feed anyone, ya dig? If you come here, it's because you Want To Know.

And I'm out all the time now cause of all the software that Elaine's not into and the 24/7 sexual harassment that upsets her. (The way I see it, of course you're going to hit on me. You do anything more than flirt, you will pull back a nub.)

So you just might see more updateage here rather than in Denoue.

Love and Kisses, I'm off to get some coffee.

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